Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How To Hack Android Apps With Lucky Patcher?

Smartphone has become an integral part of life. There are apps everywhere, and Google Play store is churning out new apps every day. Not all apps are free; some are just available as demo versions. The premium version requires a fee to access advanced features. But do not worries there are ways and means to hack premium apps without having to spend on it. Enjoying a full featured app is now possible with lucky patcher apk download. Want to enjoy your favorite game from; do not worry about paying premium price hereafter for the full version. Here are some simple tips to crack any app.
Solution 1
Start Lucky Patcher App and facilitate root access
Now you can minimize the app or even close it
Launch the app you wish to crack (get the paid version)
Select the purchase section and click the buy or professional version or premium version
The Lucky Patcher window opens instead of the app purchase box. You can see an option "Do you want to try this app for free". Now select yes. In the case of a non-rooted user, they click on "send a reply to the application."
The in app purchase is hacked successfully. Now you can try downloading or use the locked features as it will be unlocked now
For a higher rate of success, follow the steps below.
Launch Lucky Patcher APK and then go to Google Play Store
Click on select and open the patcher menu
There will be a warning sign “It is a system app…”, just click ok
Click on the “Custom Patch” and choose the first option “", then click on apply
Now it is time to reboot your device
Repeat the Solution 1
Your chance of success is high if your apply custom patch to the Google Play Store
To disable Lucky Patcher, follow these steps
Launch Patcher and click on the toolbox at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
Click on the Disable Google Billing emulation
Solution 2
Launch Lucky Patcher and locate the app you want to hack from the Google Play Store
In the in app purchase meant you would see "In app purchases found."
Select the app or long press the app. Now open menu of patches
Click on "support patch for an app and LVL emulation."
Wait till it is done, the device will automatically reboot
Once the task is successful, close the Google in app emulation window that normally appears when you buy something. Be relieved you can buy any premium version of the app for free. With this simple tool, you can now hack any app and use all the features without having to pay a premium.

Using these simple methods, you can hack any app on the Play Store. If you are a game buff, you can enjoy your favorite games without having to pay the premium for the full version. Many Android games can hack using Lucky Patcher. The app is capable of doing free in app purchase on Google Play Store.


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