Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Did You Know About Online Fax Using Gmail

Fax is still in use in many businesses. Yes, despite the fact that it is an old and outdated technology many businesses cannot function without fax. There are many individuals and firms out there who still use the old fax machine, but there are a few who have gone online. Fax has evolved and has gone online. Using this technology you no longer need a fax machine. All you want is a Gmail account and a fax service provider. Online fax or Gmail fax use Gmail or any other email service like yahoo to send faxes and is changing the way businesses work reports

If you are thinking, why switch to online fax services, there are many advantages that they offer over the old fax method. A few of these are listed below.

Convenient: Many if not all businesses have an internet connection, you can use Internet fax if you have an email account and a fax service. It is convenient and portable as you need not be present in the office to receive that fax you were supposed to get. With internet fax, the document will be available in your email inbox.

Affordable: With businesses already having an internet connection, it is affordable to have internet fax compared to the fax machine and a phone line for it. Also, there is no maintenance overhead involved in servicing a fax machine.

Scalable: If you have faxes that need to be sent to multiple numbers or send multiple pages of fax, it is easy as sending an email to multiple people. But with the fax machines, you will have to send faxes individually.

Ease of Use: Online fax is as simple as sending an email. Most business people are comfortable using Gmail, but the same cannot be said about fax machines. Using a fax machine is time-consuming along with issues like paper jams, busy lines, paper toner unavailability, etc.

Apart from the above advantages, a majority of businesses require a dedicated email server. Using a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. saves them money.
Apart from providing an email server, there is a host of other advantages these servers provide, one among them is the use of internet fax. Sending and receiving an online fax is as simple as sending and receiving an email with an attachment. These inbound and outbound attachments can be of any file formats. Though these Gmail services do not directly support online fax, with the use of third party applications you will be able to utilize Gmail fax.
The only difference between sending an email and sending a fax is that in the ‘To” field instead of the recipient's email address, you add the recipient's fax number and add the at the end.
Upon sending the fax, an email confirmation will be sent. As these email accounts can be accessed from anywhere and from any device, this means you are not bound to the fax machine while sending or receiving faxes.

Moreover, online faxing is secure because of the built-in encryption. Your faxes are more secure with the digital transmission of online faxes than with the traditional faxing using phone lines.

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  1. Back in the golden era of fax machines, a dedicated fax line was a must-have if you wanted to communicate with clients and providers without interruptions. This dedicated line cost money, so you had to add it to your list of expenses, which also included the cost of the Gmail Fax Pro
    machine itself!