Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Thinkcook nonstick cookware .

Today people pay a lot of attention to their health. With so much emphasis been given to lower fat intake that results in weight gain along with medical problems, it makes sense to change our lifestyle. Today more and more people are choosing to buy microwave cookware and non stick cookware. Both of these reduce the amount of oil requires for cooking and while non stick utensils are used on an ordinary cooktop and as the name suggest, require lesser greasing; microwave containers require lesser oil because they use micro waves for even distribution of heat and the oil is only for flavour.

Non stick cookware:

Nonstick cookware is rapidly becoming an essential part of our lives today. These readymade nonstick cookware sets of today have possibly become the greatest cooking utensils to ensure hassle-free cooking; and they also incorporate all the necessary utensils required for day to day cooking. People who need to reduce fat intake because of medical reasons of because they want to lose weight have to restrict the amount of oil they use for cooking. However, this is not always possible in steel cookware, because the food will stick to the bottom of the pan without a layer of oil to serve as a buffer. The easiest solution is nonstick cookware - it uses a special Teflon coating that doesn't let the food stick to the pan and in some cookware one can actually make a curry dish without using more than a teaspoon of oil. Get more information about nonstick cookware and microwave cookware website engadget.com

Also, this very feature also makes it a lot easier to wash and clean these utensils. However, make sure that if you are using non stick cookware, you also use special spatulas and spoons for stirring so that you don't scratch the Teflon coating. These are usually made of wood or of plastic. Non stick cookware can make cooking an interesting affair, while they also help save time and money. You can choose from a huge variety of non-stick pans according to your budget.

Microwave cookware:

There was a time when stainless steel cookware was the only choice in Indian homes. However, today the scenario has changed a lot and microwave cookware is a fast seller even for Indian homes. There are some dishes that are best suited as microwave and oven cookware. Usually, these will be shallow dishes, preferably round or oval in shape. Round dishes will cook food more evenly and efficiently than square containers or dishes. The cooking is more uniform, unlike square dishes, where the food in the centre cooks last while those in the corners cooks faster, resulting in uneven cooking. The size of the cookware you choose for the microwave or even oven should be big enough to avoid food spilling over, while should be small enough for it to rotate with ease inside the microwave.

If you are buying microwave cookware sets that come with lids, make sure the lid is not too tight. To avoid burning of food, it is important to let the steam escape easily and this why the most ideal design in microwave cookware is the one that has holes in the centre. Ceramic cookware is also a great option if you want to cook in the microwave and serve the dish in the same container.

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