Thursday, 11 May 2017

Online Reputation Management Tools

Thanks to technology, using online platform is a strategy that has seen the growth of many businesses. Setting up a client base is the hardest part but maintaining them is even harder. Aside from ensuring that you provide high quality services, you need to find ways to get feedback from your clients. Knowing how you are performing online will give you an upper hand in dealing with it. If your rates are going down you can come up with improvement methods in time. Invention of Online Reputation Management Tools presents a solution to this problem. /articles/online reputation management training tools/ highlights some of these tools. They help business owners keep track of their performances at all times. Some of the tools you can use are below.

Review trackers

Customer satisfaction is a very important contributing factor to success, which is why it’s always important to know what your customers feel. This is the idea behind this management tool. They focus on customer reviews across the social media networks and other review websites. They also encourage your customers to give feedback thereby improving the general reviews you get. This helps you in two ways. If you get bad reviews, you will know your area of weakness and improve on it. However, if the reviews are bad, you will know what you need to maintain. Either way you get to improve your business.
Reputation defender

As the name suggests, this online tool removes any bad reputation that may associated with your service or product. Sometimes false information intended to ruin your reputation can surface in the internet. At such times, this tool will come in handy. It removes every trace leaving you with a squeaky reputation. You can also use it to detect and delete any bad reviews if you prefer to have positive reviews only.

Google alerts

This is by far the most commonly used tool. Just type in anything relating to your business or company together with how frequent you’d like the alerts. It monitors all content related to your request and sends you a notification via email. This will help you stay at par with your competitors if not above them.


Online businesses require a strong presence on social media as well. Aside from tracking down any information related to yours, naymz also helps with your social media presence. This multipurpose tool tracks the number of visitors who view your page daily and your ratings among your competitors. All this make it a great tool that will show you your areas of weakness in every aspect.


Every time something new relating to your business pops up on the internet, this free monitoring tool will inform you about it immediately. Whether it is customer reviews or new products from your competitors, talkwalker will send you an email.

Even as you use the online reputation management tools, don’t forget that word of mouth still carries a lot of weight. Always try to have one on one interaction with your customers. Make use of social media since that’s where most people prefer to air their views. Give feedback as soon as you can. There are many other tools such as the ones mentioned above that you could use. Depending on what you want to accomplish, use one that is best suited for your business.

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