Thursday, 11 May 2017

How to quit Smoking Weed

Smoking is a dangerous habit that could result in lung cancer. Even though it is a hard question to answer, but it is vital. The question that most people always wonder is how to quit smoking weed. And why do people start something that results from nothing good but terrible harm upon their health?
Giving up nicotine is very complicated since tobacco companies are currently adding chemicals on the cigarettes. Most people believe that what cause cancer are the addictive chemicals. But that does not even stop this habit easier.
What even complicates the matter is that mostly quitting always accompanied by the weight gain. Besides overcoming the physical need for the tobacco, a smoker must as well overcome the psychological need for smoking desire.
For long term smoker, there is an accumulation of tar and nicotine in their lungs that usually appear black on the x-ray. Fortunately, if this person manages to stop smoking for complete two years, the lungs will restore their initial healthy state. And once again their lungs will appear pinkish on x-ray.
Smoking can as well result to throat cancer on (larynx) voice box. And only to remove the larynx through surgery can help. Since it is where person’s voice originates, he/she can never speak like before.
Due to that, an artificial voice box must be used; however, the sound can never be satisfied since its just artificial voice box. At that point, this person always wishes he/she could have learned how to stops smoking before it’s too late.
There are numerous efficient ways available that can assist to stop the smoking habit. The common ways that mostly used in such situation are medication, for instance:
• Keep the patient committed in his hobbies, yoga, exercise and other kinds of social activity.
• The abductor must be aware of the positive changes that are occurring in his/her life due to the elimination of smoking desire. He should understand that rather than smoking, they can invest their moment in better choices. The family should be alert on the abductor’s life, especially during the elimination section.
• The victim can as well learn by attending the sessions of therapy on how to stop smoking weed and have the discussion with other smokers. By talking with those with a mutual problem is mostly helpful.
• It always advised not to switch from tobacco drugs to another so as to get rid the addiction of smoking. Besides the health benefits that come as a result of smoking addiction free, you can be free from day to day cigarette budget.
• Another unusual method that can be helpful to quit smoking is the elastic band therapy. On this treatment, addicted victim should wear the elastic band on his hand that whenever he/she feel like smoking, he will push the band on his hand and will cause some pain. It will always remind him that this is something he must avoid at all cost.
If the addicted person sincerely follows these tips, quickly they can restore their life normal and can remove smoking desire easily by having all knowledge and techniques on how to stop smoking weed.

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