Thursday, 19 May 2016

Understanding The Nature Of Water Softeners

Water softeners are devices that soften hard water into soft water. It just reduces the mineral contents and replaces them. The minerals such as calcium, sulfates and magnesium are considered as hard components. During the softening process, all of these contents are removed. Before reading further about the water softeners, if you are interested in buying a water softener, please try to read Water softener critic reviews through online sources. This will be an eye opener for you before you buy the product.
The process decreases the dissolved magnesium, ferrous iron and calcium. Softening is the process of transforming the hard water chemically into soft water. During the process magnesium and calcium are replaced with mineral called sodium. Though sodium is also a variety of salt, it neither gets accumulated nor reacts to soap. The principle and process is very simple. It allows the hard water to pass through the softener and coverts it into a soft water by adding required mineral components. The material called Zeolite is used during this process.  While allowing the hard water to pass through several stages the hard water contents such as magnesium and calcium are exchanged with sodium. The output water is of soft water type. Simultaneously magnesium and calcium ions will saturate the Zeolite layer.

The salt that is used in softening process is expensive than the usual cooking salt. But still if you buy it in large quantities, you can get it for a reduced price. The process involves many storage devices such as containers and cylindrical tanks. The number of storage devices used varies according to the output water.

Two types of water softeners are available. They are electric single tank and the hydraulic twin tank. Both follow their own system of softening water, but the output water is similar in both types.


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  2. Great insights. I really appreciate when the value of Softeners is put forth. Not so many know how much they would save for having this simple device in their home. You've clearly illustrated how they work and help soften water from impurities. Thanks