Monday, 30 May 2016

Top Three Best Laptops For Gaming Under $700 Dollars

Nothing frustrates an avid gamer like a poor laptop that fails to perform even the basic requirements for gaming. Sluggish graphics, slow processors and poor RAM capacity are a big NO for gaming. However a powerful gaming laptop need not be all that expensive. You can check out several high quality gaming laptop under $700. Before you buy a laptop you should do a comparison of several models and choose the one that suits all your requirements. Don’t go in for a laptop just because it is the choice of your friend as your needs may vary from that of your friend’s.

Let’s look into three of the popular gaming laptops available for under $700 dollars. 

1. Lenovo IdeaPad G510 15.6” The biggest advantage of this laptop is that it has a wide screen that makes you enjoy all graphic intensive games. The high speed processor handles several processes effectively thereby playing games on it smooth and freeze free. This is the only one laptop in this list that sports a touch screen and helps you to navigate easily without having to depend on the scroll pad.

2. MXI CS61 2PC The biggest advantage of this laptop is its high resolution screen that displays true colors and is totally glare free. Also the ergonomic design of the keyboard is suited to play games and type comfortably without experiencing any discomfort. Also it has a solid build yet it appears sleek and stylish. With great specifications this is a great choice within this budget range.

3. ACER Aspire V3 S456 Gaming Laptop This is one of the most preferred laptops among serious gamers. Its super speed processor can load even huge graphic intensive games without experiencing any loss of speed. Another biggest advantage of this laptop is that it has a solid battery that lasts for several hours and helps you to have marathon gaming sessions without searching for an extra pack of batteries.
Choose any of these models and enjoy lively gaming sessions with your fellow gamers.

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